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Algorithmic Thinking - How can you help your kids perform better?

When you hear the word 'Algorithm', what’s the first image that comes to your mind?

Is it nested complex structure of codes or applications loading in the computer? Well, that's not the entire picture. The word algorithm might sound technical and geeky. But, algorithms are ubiquitous.

From your Netflix recommendations to your ATM system, everything works based on an algorithm.

An algorithm is a series of steps intended to be performed in a sequence to get something done. The tasks you perform daily are governed by the principles of algorithms.

Assume, you have to drop your kids at school and reach the office.

The shortest route you take daily is blocked, and now you have to figure out an alternative. You can use Google maps to find the optimal route with less traffic. Have you ever wondered how it works?

Google Maps finds the shortest path by using Dijkstra’s Algorithm. It calculates the distance between destinations and finds the shortest route for you to travel.

So, if you learn how Dijkstra’s algorithm works, you will be able to find the optimal route even when your phone is dead.