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Detailed Curriculum

Choose the right course for your kids, inspiring them to become future tech leaders


Choose the best curriculum for your child!

Each curriculum contains 6 modules and each module contains 8 classes.


(6-8 Years Old)

(9-10 Years Old)

(11-13 Years Old)

Module 1

Introduction to Programming & Storytelling

  • Events & Sequences

  • Creating characters with code

  • Drawing your own characters and interacting with them

  • Storytelling and creating stories with code

  • Capstone Project - Create your First Story

Module 2

Game Development and programming concepts

  • Loops

  • Variables

  • Experimentation and Debugging

  • Capstone Project - Create your First Game

  • Receive Basic Game Development certificate

Module 3

Advanced game fundamentals 

  • Functions

  • Conditionals

  • Game Planning

  • Making your old games more fun

  • Capstone Project - Create your own game

Module 4

Algorithms, Game Design and Dynamics

  • Algorithms

  • Elements of game design - characters, difficulty, scoring, fun and more

  • What makes a great game

  • Capstone Project - Create 2 Games

  • Receive Intermediate Game Development Certificate

Module 5

Design Thinking and App Design

  • Introduction to design thinking - empathize, ideate, plan, create and test

  • What do mobile apps do like

  • Thinking about the end user

  • Analyzing designs in everyday life

  • Prototyping

  • Capstone Project - Create a Prototype

Module 6

Introduction to creating mobile apps

  • Components of a mobile app

  • Interactions and navigation

  • Integrating design with code

  • Multi-screen apps

  • Capstone Project - Create your first mobile app

  • Receive Basic App Development Certificate


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