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  • Is the trial class free?
    The trial class is completely free, no upfront fee is collected before the trial. Its purpose is to help you and your kid understand the format and level of interest in the subject. There is absolutely no obligation from you to sign up for the course.
  • Where do the classes take place?
    You can attend classes from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Why Bright School?
    Teacher quality: We only select 1% of all the applicants for our teaching positions. All of our teachers have both coding and educating experience with young kids. Parents’ and kids’ satisfaction: 100% of the parents are willing to recommend our classes to other parents, based on students’ excitement, teacher quality, and learning outcomes. Curriculum robustness: Our curriculum is developed based on 2 established standards in the US: ISTE and CSTA K-12 (Computer Science Teachers Association K-12). Our advisors are from Harvard School of Education and holding PhD degrees in Curriculum Development.
  • What is the curriculum that you offer?
    We offer 4 sets of curriculum based on the kids’ range. Beginner: 6-8 years old Intermediate: 9-10 years old Advanced: 11-12 years old Hardware and software: 10-14 years old Each curriculum consists of 48 classes with very clear milestones every 8-10 classes. Your kid will learn key concepts and practices of programming while expressing their creativity by building their own fun games and apps. You can also signup for 16 classes first, which cover the basics, and have 2 capstone projects.
  • What are the expected outcomes of the course?
    Your kid will build their first-ever game, animation, or app. Four key skills that we focus on are: logical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and storytelling. They will be very familiar with the key concepts such as loops, events, sequences, conditionals; and the practices of programming such as testing, debugging, being interactive. It’s also proven that learning coding leads to better performance in mathematics and sciences.
  • When do the classes happen?
    Classes are from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.
  • How frequent are the classes?
    We recommend 2 classes per week so that the child gets an ample amount of time to absorb & practice learnings. However, you can choose the frequency and do fewer or more classes.
  • What happens if I cannot attend the class?
    The classes are booked by you in our teacher’s calendar. If you are away for a vacation, just don’t book a class. We don’t penalize you for a break in between.
  • Can I reschedule a class?
    Yes, you can reschedule up to 24 hours before the class.
  • My kid is too young. Will he/she be able to understand topics?
    Our courses are designed for kids ages 6+. All our classes are taken by education experts who’ve taught young kids before. Our courses are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced, and are paced as per the kid’s speed.
  • What are the benefits of teaching coding to kids?
    Coding teaches kids important STEM skills. It increases concentration and develops persistence to solve problems. Coding teaches kids to be creators of technology, rather than consumers. 95% of kids ages 8 and below have more imagination than that of 18+ adults and we couple coding with creativity and imagination to create games and apps.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    You can cancel anytime. You only pay for the classes you’ve already taken and we will refund the rest. We believe in our process and there are zero cancellation charges.
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