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Live online coding classes for ages 6-14

Learn from the top 1% teachers. Fun, Creative, Personalized.

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Our Curriculum


6-8 Years Old

Think like a programmer – learn basic storytelling, coding, design thinking and game design


9-10 Years Old

Be a competent coder – learn advanced game design, app development and data management.


11-13 Years Old

Achieve mastery – learn complex coding, game physics, Javascript and web development

Hear From Our Kids!

Meet our young achievers who are making their parents proud


Dad of 7 Year Old Boy

Bright School has awesome teachers! The teacher really helped spark the interest of coding and self-motivation of my kid.


Mother of 6 Years Old Twins

My kids 6yo have taken the trial lesson with Bright School and they love it. The teacher was very patient, listening and experienced in helping kids to relate coding concepts to simple and easy to understand concepts. We have decided to continue with the school and the kids were happy after all lessons so far. Highly recommended!


Mother of 8 Years Old Boy

Wednesday is the favorite day of the week of my son. He jumps up and down before the coding class with Bright School and he never does it for any other classes.


12 Year Old Kid

I'm very happy with the coding classes. My coding skill has improved significantly and I'm now ready to learn text-based coding.


8 Years Old

I love teacher Abhay! My dream is to become the best coder in the world. I have recently volunteered to be the IT manager of my class too.


dad of 7 years old son

They are professional in the way they have approached the set up of their business. They have a good curriculum, teachers and pedagogy. I also love their transparency in sharing information with parents.

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Why Learn Here



Learn from the comfort and safety of your home


Best in Class Educators

Only 1 out of 10 applicants are selected to be our teachers


Personalized Learning

Our curriculum is customized on the interests and skill sets of your kid


Fun and Creative Lessons

From designing a game to building a music app, your kids will love coding!

We Are More Than Coding



Train your kids with calmness, clarity and self-discipline


Arts and Crafts

Spark your kids’ creativity with fun and inventive projects


Mental Math

Give your kid an edge in school with ingenious calculation tricks

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